St. Margaret's

Client Type

Non-profit 501-3(c)

Project Focus

Web Development & Design
Site Updates & Management


Up-to-date Information

The Challenge

This client came to us with a website that was functioning. While it was already designed, it was not done so cleanly and needed to be reviewed, but the website was receiving a lot of visitors and they wanted to expand. The challenge being the current staff was unfamiliar with how to make updates or how the site was initially built. Through organization and consistency of design, we were able to make their site more useful, for them and for users.

The Solution

An organized, easy-to-update website that allowed users to quickly find the information they need.

Monthly Site Visitors

Page Website

Accomplished Goals


Optimize the Site

This client came to us with a site already designed, but it was up to Barre Creatives to check that everything had been set up correctly and consistently. We manually checked each page for errors and inconsistencies on the front, and back ends.

Prepare for Many Users

There are consistently over 10,000 monthly visitors and we made sure the site was built for it. In the real world, the more people you have visiting one place, the more infrastructure you need. Websites are the same way and we built this site to accommodate its large number of users.

Organize Monthly Events

This client hosts over 30 events every month and needed an efficient way to invite their patrons. We implemented an easy-to-update calendar so staff members are able to get the word out about the upcoming events.


Easy-to-find Information

Through analytics, we realized many of the visitors on this website were looking for information. We wanted to be sure users could easily find the information they were looking for. We did this effectively through the use of menus and subpages. 

The Results Were Fantastic

Through detailed reviews of each page on this website, we have been able to drastically reduce the amount of storage and bandwidth the site was using, helping the site to function more efficiently.

This client continues to see growth in users as we keep the site updated and continue to make improvements.

This website was created and is managed as an outsourced project from Kindling Strategic Marketing.

“Working with Niki is a dream! She is easy to work with, creative, fast, and always seems to understand what’s on my mind for creating new websites! I have worked with Niki for almost two years and we have built over four websites together for my clients, including my own site. She has helped me maintain and clean up multiple other sites. I appreciate how our creative processes align and I completely trust her to design a beautiful, functional, and always on-brand site. As we have worked on a wide variety of organizations and brands, that says a lot about her creative ability! I am so grateful to have a true website development partner in Niki and I look forward to many more years of working together!”

Chrissy Kheller

CEO, Kindling Strategic Marketing

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