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Web Development & Design
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The Challenge

By now it is probably pretty clear to you how much I love social media and web design… so naturally, I have invested this passion into my own social media and website development and growth. is my own personal website with a blog, YouTube integration, and shop. The main goal for this site is to increase users through quality SEO and social media as well as make sales through the shop. On the internet, the more popular a topic, the harder it is to ‘break through’ with a new website.

The Solution

By creating quality content, posting consistently, and prioritizing engagement, the number of social media followers continues to grow. By utilizing great SEO combined with social media promotions, users of the website increased by nearly 200% and the site made over $1000 in sales in one month.


User Increase Monthly

Instagram Followers

Social Media

To be able to teach someone how to do something, you have to have a solid understanding and quality experience to do it well. When I started studying social media and how to use it in a professional, profitable way, I figured I should “test drive” my strategies with my own social media account. My chosen digital addition is Instagram. In the beginning, I loved this app because of the photo-centric focus. Of course, we all know that’s now changed in the Insta-world with the development and push of stories, lives, guides, and reels. Maintaining my own social media accounts has forced me to stay in the loop with the newest features and trends as well as given me an opportunity to test out tips and personally see what works. While every account has different goals, this shows how personally invested I am in the social media marketing industry.

Web Development & Design

After growing a following on social media, I wanted a website where I could send followers to have more long-form content and sell some creations and mech in the most beneficial way. This website is photo-focused with a research blog about things I love, places I visit, and tips for how to live the digital nomad dream. 


An important part of a website is what it says and the words it uses. Having clear, engaging, SEO-filled headers and descriptions have a huge impact on your website. 

Blog Writing

We’ve come a long way from when blog writing was simply sitting down and writing out your thoughts and opinions. Today, a blog is one of the main ways you can incorporate SEO organically into your website as well as provide value for visitors. 

Accomplished Goals

Integrate Social Media Networks

The main purpose of this site was to create a ‘central station’ for my online presence. Here, you can find my blog and shop but also be directed externally to my social media networks and professional site, which you’ve obviously found.

Start Making Sales

As with any new business, the faster you can start earning revenue, the better. Through cross-promotion, the site made over $1,000 in sales in one month. With new inventory and products being added to the shop, the numbers will only go up.

Design for Growth

This website was intentionally designed with growth in mind. I am a person who loves to be involved in all kinds of projects and collaborations. When I designed my personal site, I made sure it would be easy to build and grow in different directions.

Incorporate Personality into a Minimalism Approach

I knew I wanted a very simple, minimalistic design for my site. I am a van-lifer and create a lot of content about living tiny. I wanted my website to be visually consistent with my message of ‘less is more’, while showing a little of my own personality as well.

A Site Worth Showing Off

As a web designer, it is quite hard to build your own site. When working with a client, you have feedback and other opinions to include. I wanted to develop my own site to be one I was proud of. While this website is a great example of my developing competence, it is always a great way to get to know me and my own personal style.

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