Nikita Muiner Payroll Services

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Project Focus

Graphic Design



The Challenge

Nikita is an entrepreneur offering freelance payroll and financial services. She is from and works out of France so we had to make sure we had effective and efficient communication throughout the design process. Nikita knew from the beginning she was seeking a text-based, minimalist-style logo. We started with twelve drafts using different fonts, colors, overlays, and slogan text.  From there, we worked one-on-one with Nikita to perfect the logo to grow her business. Along with various colors, formats, and file types of the logo, we always provide clients of graphic work with a summary of the fonts, colors, and any notes about the design.

The Solution

A simple, text-based logo that used font and color to represent professionalism, feminism, and growth. 

Graphic Design

Meaningful Logo Design

A logo is one of the most important pieces of the branding puzzle and by far one of the most exciting! Creating a logo means creating your brand. It is a visual representation of the company’s values, mission, and identity. A logo can be used to create brand recognition and help customers remember your company. It is also a great way to stand out from the competition and make your business look professional. Nikita’s logo used a strong, professional font to stand out in the field while also maintaining a hint of feminism in the curves of the lettering. The green was used to represent currency and pairing it with the light yellow give an illusion of growth.

Accomplished Goals

Custom Logo & Branding Sheet

A logo that included feedback from the client to design the perfect logo to represent their brand and personality.

International Collaboration

The first BarreCreatives design that is created for an international audience! 

“Nicole’s creativity shines through in her ability to conceptualize unique and memorable logos. She was able to apply innovative techniques of letter icons and typography that captured my brand’s identity. Her design incorporated subtle nuances and symbolism, adding depth. I will absolutely be using Nicole for all of my future business designs.”

– Nikita Munier

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