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A website ready to make a sale

The Challenge

This client was ready to make a splash on the web! Looking to sell their beloved houseboat in an iconic Baltimore harbor, they were looking for a website to mirror the elegance and precision of the boat. From smooth navigation to captivating visuals, we had to ensure this website reflects the sophistication and style associated with the finest vessels on the water. 

The Solution

A fast turn-around but an elegant and informative site made for navigating the seas of the internet

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Accomplished Goals

Lifestyle Embodied

The houseboat lifestyle is one-of-a-kind, and this website reflects that of luxury and smooth sailing. Our visually stunning photos and graphics with tailored elegant fonts ensure an online presence that captures the very essence of the harbor style.

Compelling Highlights

This website was purposefully designed to showcase all this houseboat has to offer. We emphasize high-quality product imagery, detailed descriptions, and interactive features. Customers can virtually experience viewing this boat making them feel at home on the high seas, already. 

Smooth Navigation

Our websites are meticulously crafted with your customers in mind. We design intuitive interfaces, ensuring that visitors easily find what they’re looking for. From simplified navigation to strategically placed calls-to-action, every element is geared towards enhancing user experience and driving conversions.

Organic SEO & Search Results

We integrated effective SEO strategies into this website design. Optimized content, clean code, and strategic keyword placement enhance the site’s visibility on search engines, attracting organic traffic. Our goal is to elevate your website’s ranking, increasing its chances of being discovered by potential customers.

Smooth Sailing

Just six weeks after the site went live, this client was able to make a sale they were thrilled to secure! Parting ways with a beloved family gem such as a houseboat filled with memories is no easy task, but with this website it was smooth sailing.

“Working with Niki is a dream! She is easy to work with, creative, fast, and always seems to understand what’s on my mind for creating new websites!”

Chrissy Kheller

Owner, Fell’s Houseboat

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