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Non-profit 501-3(c)

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Graphic Design
Web Development & Design


Book Cover Designs

The Challenge

FedExperts Organization is a blog with a mission to highlight issues within the justice system. Founding Editor, JD MacBean, has spent 13 years researching, working with, and educating prisoners and their families to survive incarceration and improve themselves in the process. He does this through many outlets including articles, podcasts, interviews, books, and more.  We helped JD with the design of several book covers as well as website development, design, and management. The challenge of creating this site was making sure all the different types of mediums were presented on the site, while also ensuring the site was a user-friendly resource for visitors.

The Solution

By prioritizing JD’s goals, we were able to create book covers and a website that highlights the most important aspects of his organization and qualifications, while still making other information easy to find.

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Graphic Design

Book Covers

Prison expert J.D. MacBean has published five books meant to help prisoners and their families survive incarceration, of those we have designed the cover, front, and back for three of his publications. For over a dozen years, JD studied the United States criminal justice system. He takes academic theories and applies them to real-life situations with a goal to educate and empower prisoners and their families. 

Web Development & Design

Website Development

This website had a news-inspired design along with ensuring easy navigation through many topics. A very cool aspect of this site was the way he involved current inmates by posting blogs and opinion pieces and even hosting a podcast! 

Accomplished Goals


News-Focused Site

While this blog organizes many mediums, through analytics we found news articles and blogs to be the main attraction. These posts are updated more frequently and have a large range of topics. It was crucial in the development of this site that users are shown the most up-to-date articles while also being able to easily find posts on a specific subject they may be seeking.


Easy Navigation

With the implementation of blogs, podcasts, book sales, services, social media & more it was critical to implement easy-to-use navigation on this site. There is a wide audience of users on this site from prisoners, to family members to experts. We wanted to be sure every user can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for.


Highlight Podcasts and Books

While the site was designed to focus on the news articles, the podcasts and book sales account for a large percentage of the financial support this blog receives. It was important to bring these to the users attention to increase not only revenue but also awareness of everything this site has to offer as resources.

Mobile Friendly Design

Through website analytics, we found more than half of users were accessing the site on their mobile phones. While every site we create has a responsive design, we gave a little extra attention to the mobile design. Our sites are developed with analytics in mind, as well as continuously monitored to grow with the users’ changes.

Helping People, Help People

Founding Editor, JD MacBean, has spent the past 13-years researching, working with, and educating prisoners and their families to survive incarceration and improve themselves in the process, all on his own time. As a freelance designer, there is no better project than helping someone with a passion for philanthropy. Before focusing on freelance design, I worked in the nonprofit sector for several years. From this experience, I have learned strategies for networking, low-budget marketing, event planning, and fundraising, all of which are incorporated into my designs.

“Nicole is a dynamic designer that approaches every project with strategic energy. What I mean by that is she applies a strategy to her designs that takes my initial concept and brings it to life to effectively achieve results. She communicates well and, especially when dealing with my questions and changes in direction, is patient and understanding. I hired Nicole to design one website and three years later she’s been my choice for every subsequent project.”

JD MacBean

Founder, Livin’ the Dream

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