Burnt Wick Candles

Client Type


Project Focus

Graphic Design
Product Photography


Packaging Labels

The Challenge

Burnt Wick is a small, home-based business that sells wicked candles. They were seeking to build a logo, product labels, and packaging materials that would capture their dark-magic-inspired brand. 

The Solution

A logo showcasing what they do with an overall which-y feel and branding materials that grab attention and emphasize the uniqueness of these wicked candles. 

Graphic Design

Wicked Logo Design

A logo is one of the most important pieces of the branding puzzle and by far one of the most exciting! Creating a logo means creating your brand. Burnt Wick sells spell-casting candles and we wanted to capture that within the logo design. The text is in a charcoal tone to represent the word burnt. We incorporated a small about of color to make the design stand out. A warm color palette was the natural choice being the most attention-grabbing to our human eyes. 

Graphic Design

Product Labels

While a logo is an important piece of a brand, in this particular sales situation, the candles would be on display on a shelf making them the primary marketing piece to capture the buyer’s attention. With these labels, it was important to showcase some of the brand’s most important features, as well as the unique scent of the candle. Each candle label has a large emphasis on the product name and a matching image that calls on the spirit of the scent. Lastly, we wanted to include the logo for brand recognition.

Product Photography

Product & Brand Content

Capturing the essence of a brand in photos is easy when the product is as beautiful and consistent as these candles. We shot and edited some photos for the company to use on its website, social media, and marketing materials. 

Accomplished Goals

Small Business Logo

A creative logo that matches the brand’s mystical identity. We delivered this logo in different sizes and formats optimized for any future use.

Product Labels

We were successful at being able to grab a shopper’s attention with the use of bold imagery and consistent branding that highlights this product’s best features. 

Product Photography

We created high-quality images of the candles for the purpose of using them on the company’s website and social media platforms. 

Consistent Branding

The logo, product labels, and brand photography are consistent in their design making this small, home-based brand both professional and recognizable.

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